Before we get started to explore the best WordPress GDPR plugin, let’s get a brief idea about it.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy regulation was approved by the European Union, which basically offers the EU residents to have complete control over their personal information. If you fail to comply with GDPR, you could be charged 4% of your business’ earnings, or €20 million, whichever is greater.

So, if your website is having traffic from EU or operates in EU regions, you will have to comply with GDPR. Without making it more complex, let’s just get straight on how one can make his or her website GDPR comply without requiring any programming.

If you want to operate your website in the EU region without violating any regulation, intentionally or unintentionally, here is the list of best WordPress GDPR plugins that will make your website compatible with EU’s GDPR regulations.

Top GDPR plugins for WordPress website

1. Cookie Notice for GDPR

Cookie Notice for GDPR

This simple and powerful GDPR plugin allows you to elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies to comply with the EU cookie law and GDPR regulations. In other words, your website complies with the EU’s GDPR by leaving a customizable cookie message.

The plugin is easy to install and use. After activation, the plugin will pop up the ‘cookie message.’

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Redirects users to the specified page for more cookie information
  • Multiple cookie expiry options
  • Link to Privacy Policy page
  • Animate the message box after the cookie is accepted
  • Select buttons style from None, WordPress and Bootstrap
  • Set the text and bar background colors
  • Option to accept cookies, refuse functional cookies, revoke the user consent, and manually block scripts

And much more.

2. GDPR Cookie Consent

GDPR Cookie Consent

GDPR Cookie Consent is one of the most popular GDPR plugins that allows your website to become GDRP compliant. The plugin shows you ‘accept or reject’ cookies and by default, its value is set to null. If the user clicks the ‘Accept’ button the value will be changed to ‘yes’. If the user clicks on ‘Reject’ the value will be set to ‘no’.

The developer or the admin of the website can define cookies from the backend and can be displayed on your cookie policy page by using a shortcode.

Moreover, the plugin allows you to fully customize the box with the colors, fonts, styles, the position on the page and even how it behaves when you click “accept” or “reject”.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Fully customizable to look just like your own website’s style
  • Manage the list of cookies (Name, CookieID, Description, Duration, Type, Category, Header Script, Footer Script).
  • Put the cookie bar in either the header or the footer
  • Scan and auto block scripts – Google Analytics, FB Pixel, Google tag manager, Hotjar, Instagram, etc.
  • Accept cookie policy if the user scrolls or automatically close the cookie bar after a delay
  • “Cookie Audit” shortcode to construct a nicely-styled ‘Privacy & Cookie Policy’

3. GDPR Cookie Consent Banner

GDPR Cookie Consent Banner

GDPR Cookie Consent Banner is one of the simplest and most popular cookie consent GDPR plugin out there. Compliance with data privacy regulations like the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive will become much easier and accomplishable with this WordPress GDRP plugin.

The plugin is easy to install and activate. Activating the plugin will automatically pop up a live cookie consent banner and cookie policy on your site, which will help you comply with all of the latest data privacy regulations.  

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Choice of dismissal method – either button or ‘x’ close, on click, on the scroll, or timed
  • Choice of position – either top or bottom bar, or floating in one of the corners of the screen
  • Option to show the notification on the first page only
  • Customization options – including the ability to update styles from within the customizer

4. EU Cookie Law (GDPR)

EU Cookie Law (GDPR)

EU Cookie Law is a light, elegant and powerful WordPress GDRP plugin to comply with European cookie law and GDPR, with popup and options to lock scripts before acceptance. Some highlights of this plugin are listed below.

  • Automatic block of iframes, embeds, scripts and objects before cookie consent, with overlay alert
  • Customizable banner (color, position, strings)
  • Complete set of shortcodes, PHP filters, and functions
  • Set your page, popup or custom URL for Cookie Policy

5. WP GDPR Compliance

WP GDPR Compliance

This plugin assists website and website admins to comply with European privacy regulations – GDPR. The installation and activation are simple and convenient.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Add consents and give your visitors full control
  • Customizable banner
  • Option to accept cookies, refuse functional cookies, revoke the user consent, and manually block scripts

6. WP AutoTerms: GDPR Privacy Policy, Cookie Consent Banner, Terms & Conditions

WP AutoTerms

WP AutoTerms helps you create three of the most important legal pages for your WordPress website: Privacy Policy, a Terms & Conditions agreement and a Cookies Policy.

This WordPress GDRP plugin allows your website to comply with every privacy and related regulations. You can also create your legal pages and manage them through WP AutoTerms.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • GDPR Privacy Policy: create a Privacy Policy with GDPR wording
  • Compliance Kits: links to Legal Pages and update Notices of Legal Pages
  • Show an announcement bar to comply with some of the EU Cookies Directive Law requirements
  • Allow to display and block affiliate links & disclaimer at the end of your posts with affiliate links

7. GDPR Cookie Compliance

GDPR Cookie Compliance

GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin can assist you with cookie compliance and consent notice requirements on your website in which you need to comply with European GDPR.

The GDPR plugin allows you to pop up the cookie box where users can opt for it.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Simple, beautiful & intuitive user interface
  • Give your users full control over cookies
  • Choose from two unique layouts
  • Fully customizable – upload your own logo, colors, fonts
  • Full-screen layout, Export & import settings, WordPress Multisite extension, Accept on Scroll, Analytics, and Hide Cookie Banner are some of the other exclusive features of GDPR cookie Compliance.

Final thoughts

These plugins will allow you to comply with your website with Europe’s most popular GDPR, a privacy regulation. Make sure you try them all and let us know which suits you the most.

We hope this article helped you choose the perfect WordPress GDPR plugin. You may also want to see our handpicked list of best WordPress table plugins.


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