Vultr is one of the most popular cloud server providers. Because it is high performance and economic cloud server, it can meet any demand for beginners. This article will walk you though how to purchase a server on Vultr.

Log in Vultr

First, go to Vultr home page, and log in or create an account if you don’t have one.

deploy a server on Vultr

Select server location

There are some location for server and pick the closest server center from you, which makes the server perform well.

Choose a server location

Pick a server type

Select an operating system (OS) depending on your need. Click the OS icon such as Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu. There is a drop-down list appears, select the preferable version from the list.

Choose a server type

Choose server size

There are various server size and pick the preferable on depending on your need. Additional features, startup script, SSH keys and server hostname & label can be set up later. At last, click Deploy now button at the bottom right corner.

Choose a server size on Vultr

Make payment

Clicking Deploy now button takes you to billing interface. Vultr supports four payment methods including credit cards, Paypal, bitcoin and Alipay. Pick the preferable one and pay for the server. In addtion, there is a option called gift code, if you have one, fill it out, which will save you some pennies.

Make a payment

Once you pay for the server, you will recieve a mail of deployed server information from vultr. Then click server option at the left side menu to check the server information as well.

The deployed server information

That’s it, it is easy to depoly a server on Vultr.


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