Social media drive is an integral part of any companies content marketing strategy. It is common for social media marketers to spend a lot of time for publishing. However, nowadays, all you need to do is use an social media auto publish plugin.

WordPress auto-publish plugins automate the publishing part so that you can focus on the essential things.

Let’s go through the six best social media auto publish plugins for WordPress.

6 best social media auto publish plugins for WordPress site

1. Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler

Blog2Social social media auto-publish plugin

Blog2Social is a free-to-use social media auto publish plugin. It lets you auto-post and schedules your post.

Moreover, you can also use it to cross-promote your content across multiple social media platforms.

The list of social media support includes popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, My Business, Pinterest, and Reddit. Apart from these, it also supports other social media platforms.

Additionally, it can automate the whole process by selecting content and generating social media posts out of them. It can also gauge the time to publish the content, saving you the time required to plan as well.

Lastly, it is compatible with WooCommerce and Gutenberg Editor.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Support 14 networks
  • Customize social media posts
  • Manage posts, pages, and user-generated content
  • Meta-tag user information editing
  • Generate hash-tags
  • Offers extension for Chrome and Firefox

It also comes in Pro version with a 30-day trial.

2. Revive Old Posts – Auto Posts to Social Media

Revive Old posts- social media auto publish plugin

There are many sites who don’t take advantage of their old posts. Old content is useful, and you can leverage it using Revive Old Posts plugin.

The plugin automatically selects your old post and shares them on social media. Furthermore, you can also use it to drive more traffic on social networks.

This means that you are in full control and can set the different parameters, including the number of posts and sharing interval.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Share old posts automatically
  • Choose the interval between posts share
  • Choose the number of times posts are shared
  • Exclude specific posts and categories
  • Use hash tags
  • Include link bank to the sites
  • WP to Twitter
  • Support URL shorteners and Google Analytics

As usual, it also comes with a free and Pro version. The PRO version offers great feature-set including support for multiple social accounts, share content variations, custom schedule, magic tags, media library content share, and so on!

You can also check the difference between free and Pro here.

3. Social Media Auto Publish

Social Media Auto Publish plugin

Social Media Auto Publish is yet another free plugin for auto-publishing content on social media. With it, you can publish posts using the filter.

You can use custom post types, categories, and other filters to narrow down according to your specific needs.

However, it only supports the auto-publish option to three platforms, including Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. For most businesses, this would be more than enough.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Support customization
  • Support custom messages and images addtion
  • Auto-publish for Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.
  • Filter posts according to different criteria including post types, categories, and pages.
  • Multiple posting options available.

4. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

NextScripts social networks auto-poster plugin

Our next plugin in the social media auto publish plugin is the NextScripts plugin. It is a social networks auto-poster that supports a wide range of social media platforms.

Apart from the famous social media platform support, it also supports other platforms including Flickr, Tumblr, LiveJournal,, Flipboard, Telegram, Line, and so on.

Also, you do not have to worry about compatibility issue as it has been updated to support WordPress 5 and Gutenberg.

It supports more than 30+ social media networks with more social media platform support in future planned.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Support filters and message formating tags
  • URL shortener supported
  • Schedule posts
  • Supports addtional URL parameter
  • Import/Export plugin settings
  • Spin message post template
  • Supports WooCommerce

It also comes in the Pro version, which adds more features including advanced filters, random auto-post, limiting auto-posting, and so on!

5. Microblog Poster – Auto Publish on Social Media

Microblog Poster - Auto publish on social media

Microblog Posters is an easy-to-use auto publish plugin for social media platforms. It is a fully-featured plugin that lets you do all the basic things without the need to buy any Pro version.

It does come with add-ons that expand the core features of the plugin. The add-ons are payable, and you can opt for anyone that you see fit.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Auto-publish to social media platforms
  • Republish old blog posts automatically
  • Addtionally flter posts
  • Support multiple accounts per social site
  • Offers log support
  • Support WordPress multisite

Overall, it is a great plugin that lets you manage your social media effectively. The add-ons are also useful for enterprises, big businesses, or specific requirements.

6. WP2Social Auto Publish

WP2Social Auto Publish

Our last plugin in the list is the WP2Social Auto Publish. It is a Facebook-only plugin. This means it only supports Facebook platform.

With WP2Social, you can push new posts to Facebook with text and images. The text can be customized according to your requirement. Moreover, it also supports filtering option, including categories, post-types, and pages.

Key features worth mentioning:

  • Support simple text message
  • Facebook specific pages posts
  • Blog post link support
  • Blog post attachment
  • Proper filter settings
  • Message format settings

Wrapping up

This leads us to the end of our six social media auto publish plugins for WordPress site. All these plugins are popular and offer unique value to the user. So, which plugins are you going to use? Comment below and let us know.

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