Are you looking for a perfect WordPress gallery plugin to create an image gallery on your site?

The WordPress gallery plugins that are offered to the user do make life a whole lot easier if you intend to create a WordPress blog and share photographs. Instead of spending a ton of money on a developer, you can create your own photo gallery by using these awesome WordPress gallery plugins.

We would further help reduce the burden by providing a list of the 5 best WordPress gallery plugins and the features that come along with them.

5 best gallery plugins for WordPress site

1. NextGen Gallery Plugin

NextGen Gallery plugin

This has been one of the most used gallery plugins around the world. The plethora of features that this plugin has to offer attracts many users. This plugin not only makes it effortless to build a great gallery for your WordPress website but also helps to keep the visitors engaged on your site.

Some of the amazing features that this plugin offers its users are:

  • Users can choose the style of the gallery from the various available options. For the users of the free version of this plugin, the available options are slideshow, thumbnail and image browser gallery. The paid version of the plugin unlocks many more styles.
  • There is a wide array of options available for controlling the size, timing, transition and lightbox effects of the image gallery.
  • The paid version of the plugin also includes proofing and many other features.

As the paid version of the plugin has so many features to offer, users usually choose the paid version over the free one.

2. Photo Gallery by 10 Web

Photo Gallery by 10Web

Photo Gallery is another widely used WordPress gallery plugin on the market. With over 300,000 installations, this plugin is adorned by many around the world. Not only does this plugin give a neat and professional look to your gallery, but will also wow the visitors who visit your website.

Just like most other WordPress gallery plugins out there, Photo Gallery also available as a free as well as a paid plugin. While the free version of this plugin by itself should be able to satisfy most of your needs, the paid version of this plugin provides a more enhanced experience.

Let us now take a look at some of the features that this plugin has to offer:

  • Customization: This plugin allows users to customize the looks of their gallery to a large extent. Most of the plugins out there don’t provide such a high level of customization.
  • Users can have an unlimited number of images and videos.
  • Powerful lightbox: The plugin provides users with various transitions for the image slideshow. This is due to the powerful lightbox that is built right into the plugin.
  • To encourage originality, the plugin also protects your images with a watermark as well as a right-click. Hence, many artists and photographers love this plugin.

3. FooGallery


With a 4.4 star rating in the WordPress plugin market, FooGallery is one of the most loved WordPress gallery plugins out there. The reason for its popularity is because FooGallery is a lightweight plugin that offers most of the features that other gallery plugins offer. Thus, not putting a lot of load on your server either.

With over 100,000 active installations around the world, this plugin is mainly used by freelancers, content creators, and newbies.

Let us now have a look at some of the amazing features that this plugin has to offer:

  • Beautiful gallery templates: This plugin offers users various gallery templates. Some of the templates that are offered by this plugin are simple thumbnail templates, image viewer templates, responsive image gallery, etc.
  • Developer friendly: This plugin is also developer-friendly. Developers can add custom CSS files to customize the gallery to their liking.
  • Lazy loading: This is a feature that attracts most of the users to this plugin. Have you visited a website where the image gallery took way too long to load? The lazy load feature will eradicate this problem. Many images would already be loaded before you even view them. Thus, users experience zero delay.

4. Envira Photo Gallery

Envira Gallery plugin

This gallery plugin is by far the easiest way to create a gallery on your website. This is one of the very few gallery plugins out there that would require you to have zero technical knowledge.

The plugin’s drag and drop feature makes it effortless to create a new gallery for your website. Hence, this plugin has over 100,000 active installations and has a star rating of 4.8 on the WordPress marketplace.

Some of the features that this plugin has to offer its users are:

  • The drag and drop feature is the highlight of the Envira photo gallery plugin. By making it easy for everyone to create an image gallery on their website, this plugin has won the hearts of many.
  • This plugin helps to create stand-alone image galleries. These galleries are not linked to any posts on the website. Thus, reducing the overall burden on the plugin.
  • This plugin helps to create galleries that are highly responsive and adapt to any screen size. Thus, providing excellent user experience on mobile devices.

5. Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

This is another very well optimized image gallery plugin out there. By offering a powerful as well as responsive lightbox, this plugin makes it easier to view images and videos even on mobile devices.

Some of the features that this plugin has to offer include:

  • The plugin comes with a simple yet powerful builder tool. Hence, you will be able to build a powerful image gallery effortlessly.
  • The plugin also allows users to reorder images in the gallery by using drag and drop feature. Thus, this makes it easy to customize your image gallery.
  • This plugin also adds a highly responsive lightbox automatically. Additionally, it offers six scripts that users can choose from for the transitions from one image to another in the lightbox.

Wrapping up

WordPress websites are extremely easy to build and customize. This is the reason for their widespread popularity. The variety of available plugins makes it easy to build attractive websites. With an image gallery being crucial to any website, there are many plugins available for you to easily add them.

Now that we have compiled a list of the best WordPress gallery plugins that are available for you, make sure to test them out and use the one that best suits your website.

I hope this article helped you pick a best WordPress gallery plugin. You may also want to see our step by step guide on how to create an image gallery in WordPress.


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